How Mobile Virtual Network Operators Ensure Accurate Billing Of Services

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One of the most considerable expenses associated with running a mobile network is the initial investment required to create the grid that is used by devices. Rather than spending money on building a network from scratch, more companies are choosing to operate on another carrier’s system and provide service under their brand. A unique challenge is making sure that customers are billed for the services they use. Here is a brief overview of the technology utilized to ensure accurate billing.

Proper Provisioning Is Key

Every mobile device is assigned a unique identification number that allows it to be identified when it is utilized on a network. For proper billing to take place, all of the phones that are used by a mobile virtual network provider (MNVO) must be authenticated on the leased network. Once the phone is identified, then the various charges associated with it can be determined and charged to the correct provider.

Business Support System

Provisioning is just the tip of the iceberg since once the information is sent back to the mobile service provider, it must then be assigned to the correct customer. A service provider will use a business operations support system, which ties in the CRM data of subscribers with usage statistics. It then assigns usage information, and in some cases charges, to the customer after matching the device identification number and user access number.

Real-Time Authorization

The process seems lengthy, but new software now allows an MVNO real-time billing by tying provisioning, billing, and CRM into one package. If this data is not linked together, then it can take up to 60 minutes for a charge to be processed. Fortunately, most MVNOs use this technology, which allows for real-time authorization and reduces the occurrence of inaccurate billing statements.

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